Free Burgers

We plan to do a Free Burger outreach after church on Sunday during November and December. Anyone every done anything like this? What kind of results did you get? What do I need to know?
I think it is a genius idea for an outreach!!!!

I recall a church that handed out chocolates and candy at a trade market. They had alot of success!

Burgers would obviosuly require more logistics but I think people would know that and appreciate the gesture alot more.
You're joking...............right? Jesus came to mend broken hearts and fill empty souls........not empty bellies.
He came to redeem people.
Run a food ministry for the poor by all means, but that is not what you are talking about is it.
I expect you will get a fair number of 'free loaders', but your resources will not fill anyone's need.
Put another way, people with a genuine need will walk miles to and cue up at a 'soup kitchen', people wanting a freebie burger will drive miles to get one.
When Jesus sent out the twelve, He sent them to communities to 'get involved'; to heal, to help, not to run a hot dog stand.
Calvin think about those guys who hand out business pamphlets when you sitting in your car. I close my window to all of them, but not those who accompany it with some candy :). It definitely works! But thinking about it, perhaps burgers are a bit too much. It would depend on what kind of outreach it was I suppose.
I would be rather skeptical about just doing a "lets hand burgers out for free" I would like to know more details, is this a case of you just being at your church and people coming along for the food?

Now, if you are planning to make up a hundred or so burgers , wrapp them in foil and keep them warm, then go out and find where all the homless sleep and hand them out, then that would be better, knowing it went to right people instead of the rich looking for a free-load to put a few extra dollars in their bank account.

Not just the homeless, there are going to be plenty of middle class families struggling to survive, I know its bad in the UK and seen reports thats its just as bad in the USA. get in touch with food banks, law proberbly says theyc an not tell you who thier clients are, but you can prehaps ask the food bank if they can give out a leaflet or coupon from your church in their hand outs. This coupon will allow the person and their family a free meal of burger and fries each! if they turn up on the day specified. If they can not make it on the day, then just give them a frozen patty and bun etc so they can cook it at home.
We plan to do a Free Burger outreach after church on Sunday during November and December. Anyone every done anything like this? What kind of results did you get? What do I need to know?

We live in a consumer driven world, if burgers is what it takes to get people aware of the church then go for it!!

I find it amazing when it comes to handing out food, people immediately say give only to the homeless people - yes they need food more than the wealthy, but I dont think the aim of this OUTREACH is to fill empty stomachs, I think it is to make people aware of the church and hopefully some actually come to church and get saved. Will there be some just for the freebee? Yes, but if only one person comes through Christ through this kind of outreach then I say it is worth it.

We need to remember that the church is not only for the poor and homeless. The wealthy guy in his mansion needs Christ just as much.

Go for it, we need more clever ideas to get people aware of Christianity.
We just did this for the Feast of Trumpets in our parking lot with minimal advertising and we were extremely busy. People came for the free food, and some left right after. Which is fine. We then had the worship and service in the parking lot. Just be over prepared and ready to get more BBQ's, buns and burgers at a moment's notice. Have fun and God bless.
We have found that the unsaved are always blessed by food, so if it draws them in to hear the gospel and they come, go for it. We had a meal a few weeks ago in Messy Church, 150 people came! We did a community breakfast after a family week, 100 came, a community BBQ, 45 came. Each time, the gospel was also preached - fellowship and friendship around food works and opens the door for the gospel - so if God uses food to reach souls, it is worth the additional effort!