French Furniture

I love to buy a furniture which use strong woods, but i am little bit confused in selection of furnitures because the area of room is not large. So I need furnitures that can be fold or take very little spaces.
Folding furniture are very rare in wood. We will get thousands of design in metal furniture but difficult in wood.
There are of course wood folding furniture present but they occupy bigger area.
The grand tradition of French royal furniture received its impetus from the establishment of the Manufacture royale des Gobelins under the organisation of the arts in the service of Louis XIV of France that was controlled and directed by his minister of finance, Colbert. Favoured craftsmen would be eligible for premises in the galleries of the Palais du Louvre, a practice that had been initiated on a small scale under Henri IV.

At the Gobelins, much more than tapestry was made for the furnishing of the royal palaces and the occasional ambassadorial gift: the celebrated silver furnishings for the Galerie des Glaces at Versailles was produced by silversmiths working to designs by Charles Le Brun at the Gobelins.
french furnitures are really to purchase online when it comes to the final decision is very easy. even though leather furniture rich looks and feel. custom leather furnitures are very nice to buy.
I have seen wood furniture that folds. The fact that it's rarely seen and purchased, it will only use a small amount of space and best for those who are living in apartments and other small space places. I know that you'll find one.