Friend In Motorbike Accident

A good friend of mine was in a bad motorbike accident recently.

I wish I could draw the accident for you. He overtook cars going slowly, riding a 600 he accelerated too fast and had to try dodge the car leading the slow convoy, that was turning right, into his path (we drive on the left hand side here).

He part hit the car and went flying in the air. His bike likewise hit the car and went crashing into a wall. It is a complete write off, literally in 100's of pieces.

I rushed to the scene. The paramedics called me from his phone. I can't explain properly how I felt. I just had such inner peace that he would be fine as I knew with certainty that He was in God's hands. Arriving at the scene. My friend could not move a single limb. The paramedics was explaining with confidence that my friend had broken his ankle, shoulder, fractured some neck bones and would likely be part paralyzed. He battled to talk and I could see he was in extreme pain. He kept on saying how he could not move any part of his body. Even speaking was soft and painful.

Two days later, he is fully discharged with NO broken bones, no internal bleeding...nothing!
I don't know if God healed Him. But I do know God was definitely with him. He himself can't believe there is nothing wrong with him :). Just a couple of bruises. Many were praying for him. Thanks God!