Friend leaving me out of FB post convo, dont know if she likes me

Mar 4, 2015
I was sitting with my small group and the girl from my church who hid her Facebook post about moving from me showed some people her phone and was talking about a Facebook post she saw. When I asked about it, she just said I was just sharing something I saw on Facebook with them. When I asked what it was she wouldn't say and said it doesnt matter its not a big deal. I said I was just trying to be part of the conversation and she said it just didn't pertain to you and wouldn't make sense to you, and I have a different relationship with them. What is that supposed to mean? Why would she share it with them and not show me??
And also, I talked to her and apologized if I came off as being needy or making her feel scared to be herself around me for fear of hurting my feelings or offending me and making it hard to love me and said I felt like she didnt like me anymore and she said you are loved God is good, but wouldnt say whether she loved me because I was lovable and she loved me herself or if she was just trying to love me because God says to love me. When I tried to get her to say what she thinks of me and if she loved me like she did her other friends she kept turning it around to God loves you, yes I know but do you love me and do you want to be my friend. I feel like she doesnt even though she said she did because she said God is helping me love you and you have done nothing to make me love you, it is because I love God and am called by God to love you. So it feels like she is skirting around the issue and not actually saying she doesnt want to be friends with me or doesnt love me because it shouldnt matter because God does. Well I want to know what she thinks of me and whether she honestly loves me because she wants to and thinks Im likable and not out of some obligation from God.
Apr 11, 2014
Well I want to know what she thinks of me and whether she honestly loves me because she wants to and thinks Im likable and not out of some obligation from God.
Why? Does it really matter? I understand, we all want approval from our friends and peers. But that is OUR desire. This desire of ours to be liked makes us do things or change how we really are to try to please others and gain their approval. This girl may not even be a real Christian. Or, she is a new Christian and is still new and immature about love for others. The sin nature in our bodies still interferes with this after we are Christian. For whatever reason, she just may not like you. As wrong as that is, we all still feel closer to some people than others and you are probably the same way. Are there some things you share with some friends that you wouldn't dare share with others? You can't force someone to like you personally, and trying to force it drives others away from you. They see it as rude for you to butt your nose in on their business. You can't change that. The only thing you can do is pray about it and share things with them. They may come around.
Try concentrating on the good things happening to you. I would like to see some posts from you about the good things that are going on in this church group.
Feb 7, 2015
We are called to love people with the love of God. There is nothing else to it so no matter how others feel or act has nothing to do with the command to love others.

We either obey or we dont.

Now then people come and people go in our lives. What is important is the type of people we hang around or allow to become close in our lives.

Time is short and perhaps asking your self I need these childish head Games and pray about it and see what our Heavenly Father says to do.

There are many times when God may call you to walk away from certain people and I have learned that it works out better if we just say yes sir and obey.