Friend's Sickness

My dear friend hasnt been feeling well. He's been bed ridden for quite a while. Ive been praying for him. Maybe a little more pray from you all might help. Thanks!

Be blessed
Lord, we lift up this brother having this sickness. We do not know him personally, even his name or what kind of sickness he is having.. But Lord, you know everything.. And you are in control of everything.. We come to you asking for healing: with confidence, hope and faith.. You are the same yesterday, today and forever.. The same Lord who brought up Lazarus, is able to perform mighty miracles even today.. We pray that you will bring comfort and healing to our brother.. As your word says, we are healed by Your stripes.. Touch our brother so that he can testify and glorify your name further.. All the glory to you.. In the name of Jesus Christ.. Amen
Jesus I pray that this friend will recover. You said to pray your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. His heavenly form will not have sickness so I declare that neither will his earthly form!
Father, I know so little about Lou Gehrig's disease, but You know everything about it as well as about this friend of ApostlePeter's. I ask You, then, to be with his friend, to heal him, because there is nothing that is beyond You. Adon-i, be L-rd in this situation in the lives of both the friend and ApostlePeter, and teach us how to pray for both of them.