From the heart

From the heart

I have spent days on this while its not long many tears stain the paper in which it lies. I know this means more to me then it will to you but thanks for reading. (please note its not finished going to camp this week well in an hour and 20 mins so ill see what God shows me to finish this poem)

Alone do I stand, away in the dark
With none beside me,do I walk alone
With only a lantern to guid my way
Who goes with me? Do I go alone?

Through darkness I go, Through mountains I climb
Through perals of danger despite the pain
Through the desert I go, Through snow I leap
Who goes with me? Do I stand alone?

By wind I'll fly
By rain I'll go
So many miles away, So many to go
Who goes with me? Do I go alone?

Many I see along the way.
Lost in this path, gone astray.
They tryed and failed with none at there side
Who went with them? Did they stand alone?

In my darkest hour do I stand alone?
Away in the dark to what I may
Long have i gone, slowly i come
Longing for his light, his touch, his face
Do I still go alone?

Who goes with me? The pains to much.
Who is there with a healing touch?
Many have tried, all have failed me.

When can I count on someone
When the hour screams were comes my help?
Many have tried all, have failed me.

Were can I find help?
Were can help be on this winding road?
Many have tried, one has come.