Fun times out! (with the kids! :)

Apr 9, 2009
Washington State
Fun times out! (with the kids! :)

Okay I have no kids but my roommie has a 9 yr old that I hang out with on occasion. Okay, we go get all hopped up on sugar and have a field day LOL!.....

I was thinking naming fun places to go to with kids?

Michael and I go to Solid Rock Cafe in Port Orchard, WA. I get the mango sorbet, he gets the maui wowie with whip cream and gummi bears. They have trivia cards on the tables and it is so much fun to go there!

Up yonder in Bremerton I hear there is a place called Noahs Ark? One of my regulars at the tavern I work at ran up there today, got us sandwhiches. I HIGHLY reccomend it. OH MY_LANTA. YUM!!!!!

Ya all share yer faves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 6, 2007
Ahh yes:rolleyes: don't ya just love those freinds that get your kids all hyped up on sweet tarts and ice cream and then drop them off at bed time so you can try (and I did say try) to get them to sleep before sun up?????:D:D
Just kidding :D:D

I'm looking forward to spending the summer with my grandkids. that way I can get even with their parents for all the junk they put us through when they were kids.;)
I've said it before and I'll say it again. . .
If I had known grand kids were this much fun I would have had them first:dance:
If the smile and laughter of a child don't melt your heart you got one.

South Western Ohio;
Two zoos Cinci and columbus
4 caves "Oldman" "Ohio caverns" "Zanes Caverns" and the indian caves in Columbus
"The airforce musium" at wright Patterson air force base for the boys
And a realy nice historical park with bells, the wright bicycle shop, Wright flyer and a train ride down town dayton
And for those with a realy fat wallet
There is "Kings Island"
"Youngs Dairy" home made ice cream and taffe
But my favorite is bicycle riding along the river or fishing with the little ones. Man do they ever get so excited when they discover something new or catch that first Blue Gil.
And watching the Dayton Dragons play at 5th 3rd feild,
There ain't nuthin like eating stadium hotdogs, cotton candy and watching a good baseball game with a bunch of kids on a hot summer's day.:cool:
Get them all hyped up on ice cream and coke and stcking with cotton candy, stomach full of weiners ,face covered with mustard cloths cover in heaven know what and takem them home to my son and daughters and letting them deal with it :cool:
That's living the good life grand daddy style:amen:

Sincerely His
and theirs
Grampa, paw paw, pappap, Dad you didn't do that again,:eek: Yea I did:D
Apr 7, 2009
WA State
Our grand kids are a little older than 9 now so they hang out with their friends a lot more and participate in outdoor sports more than they used to; but since they were pre-schoolers we took them on easy hiking trails where we would show them how to spot different kinds of birds. We had special places we visited every year and also took them to the Watershed Festival. The younger one would get dressed up in a bird costume (which was provided there) and march in the bird parade. And the older one would do some of the crafts provided there. She actually painted fresh trout using the paint on the trout as an imprint. <>< This made interesting pictures when dry. I think most kids like any kind of project where they can paint or draw or observe something.

Another thing we did which they enjoyed was to tell them they were now on a "treasure hunt." Then we gave them $2.00 each and we all went to a big Good Will store. The thing to do was to find your own personal treasure or treasures but the total was to be under $2.00. Purchase was subject to our approval as well. This was fun and they seemed to really enjoy it; except once the younger grand son :cap:accidentally knocked over a whole shelf of old glasses. :blush: The folks at the store were really nice about it. We insisted he apologize to them. I would guess this does happen on a regular basis even when kids aren't on a treasure hunt. :D
Aug 6, 2008
British Columbia
when i was little my granparents had an old rail way bunk house so pretty much the whole family would go out to their place on the lake (kootenay lake if any one knows where that is) and spend moste of the summer out there. it was about a 2min walk from there to my aunts beach (2 of my aunts have summer houses out there 1 has a private beach) and me my bro and my cousins would pretty much spend out summers swimming, fishing and hiking allways had a blast i still love to spend a day at the beach.
Sep 17, 2009
We enjoy going to the park and eating a picnic lunch. There is a really nice, quiet, well shaded park not too far from here. One day the prairie dogs were out and we shared our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with them.