Funny things Kids say .

Jun 17, 2018
Phoenix Arizona
Some time back I was reading to my daughter (7) about David and Goliath.
Just a little set up here . I am a bit older than most of my daughter’s friend’s parents. I am 52 .
My daughter has noticed it and thinks it funny that I am old enough to be her grandfather lol .
So back to the story. I was reading and explaining to her about the young David and his faith in God and how long ago it was . She then gets this excited look on her face and asks “Dad did you know king David?” I told her no I am not that old sweetie. Then not long after that she says “I guess That goes for Jesus too .
Also another time I had both daughters in the backseat of the car driving home from the park.
A radio add played for a upcoming marvel Avengers movie . The commercial played and ended with the tag line “ where will you be when it all ends ?” Right after that I hear my youngest (7) duaaa in Heaven. Lol I was a total mess laughing so hard I crying
So do y’all have funny stories about what kids have said or done .
Aug 23, 2016
Sixty years ago, my wife was leading our three-year-old daughter in bedtime prayers. Her line-long dictation was followed by the young one's lisping repeats.

"Gentle Jesus, meek and mild",
"Gentle Jesus, meek and mild".
"Look upon a little child",
"Look upon a little child",
"Pity my simplicity",
"Pity Mummy's simplicity",

Collapse of Mummy, and a restart.


Nov 18, 2011
Picture a pile of dust in a dustpan.

Someone left it and did not finish the task to put that in the trash bin.

a kid saw that before going to sleep.

And the kid asked his mother before going to sleep: will that dust become a human being? As it was just taught earlier morning in school that the first man, Adam, came from dust.

And the mother asked someone to clean that up to the bin.

That was me maybe 6 or 7 years old, we are all kids once :)