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Dec 7, 2005
Sydney, Australia
This is both a praise and prayer request. I had recently been asking God directions and a job so I can survive. Deep in my heart I am really not interested in working. I just want to be a full time evangelist but financially I was in a tight situation and so that also affected me. So I asked God for a job and he gave me one. It supposed to be temp and part-time but I almost work 8.5 hours every day and 5 days a week which is more than what I expected and that too at a good bank. Now since I got that I am asking God to take me into a ministry so I can be a part of world wide evangelism. 2 years ago I joined planetshakers church in Melbourne and later on I did an internship there which is something I never thought of at all before any of this happened. I only had dreams of becoming an evangelist. So I know God opened up ways for me. I was still not fully satisfied because Church work is great but its still not evangelistic enough I thought. :)

Anyway, in the last 6 months I was able to get in touch with a ministry called cfan and joined their school of fire course. In the last 2 days I was able to meet with the team in Melbourne and also work along side with them at a Church conference. It was great because I finally met with their directors and they knew who I was and we spoke and I got to know how some things work. Anyway, I just felt God literally pulling my hopes up to join and be part of their ministry either as a worker or as financial supporter. They also have a thing they'll chose two students from Australia for a trip to Africa and participate in a crusade along with their team. That really excited me and I so want to be one of them. God will choose the right people and if I am not chosen, he's got other plans for me. It's still exciting. :D So yea, that's what's been happening to my life.

Also my dad's trying to hook me up with girls (arranged marriage). God works in different ways. I think I will be seeing a few when I travel to India and pick one to be my partner. Of course, she should also be willing to be with me anyway.

Anyway, so many exciting things are happening. I need your prayer so I am in the will of God and I get to be fruitful for the kingdom in whatever I do.

By the way, if you are interested in evangelism, cfan is a great ministry to partner with. Check them out here: www.cfan.org

Also I have registered for Planetshakers Conference in 2012. I would be happy to meet with some of you if you are attending too. We can sit together and experience God on a great level. I am so excited that I bought 10 tickets for me and my family in India and middle-east. If they don't come, I will give away some to you. To register for conference, please do it via this website. http://planetshakers.com/faith/

Love you all.


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Apr 22, 2008
wow u been busy Jeff
Praying for you brother :)

I hope Dad has good taste for your woman LOL! also thank the Lord you GOT a full time job for now. C ya round :)

Chili out.