Gal 1:18-24

Galatians 1:18-24
1:18 Then after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Cephas and stayed with him fifteen days.
1:20 I assure you before God that what I am writing you is no lie.
1:21 Then I went to Syria and Cilicia.
1:22 I was personally unknown to the churches of Judea that are in Christ.
1:23 They only heard the report: "The man who formerly persecuted us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy."
1:24 And they praised God because of me.
Today's New International Version (2005).

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18 Paul telling his testiomony which starts in verse 13 Paul stayed away from the Jewish Christians he had persecuted after 3 years they may have believed Paul had changed and they were ready to meet him Peter is Cephas.
191:19 But other of the apostles saw I none, save James the Lord's brother. KJV
If is possible some or all the disciple maay have been martared or they were off spreading the gospel.
20 many people have came and told they had a message from God but it was false teaching but Paul is true and Jesus did come to Him to give him his purpose.
21 Paul went to the Gentiles.
21-22 They were some many apostles from Judea that it would not be hard to imagine that Paul was not heard of. People like Peter and James would be well known though.
23-24 To have someone turn from killing those who served Jesus to start teaching about Jesus is something people of any time would talk about. Testimonies where the a person was in jail or doing unspeakable things and then the Lord changed them is still very popular today