Gamers Out There?


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Gamers Out There?

Any PS2 gamers out there?

What games do you play at home?

My son and I like Tekken, X-Men 1&2

Backyard Baseball - " I'm crazy about it!" :smt101

God Bless!

what I like to play...

PacMan's "Quest", Dynasty Warriors games (any one in the series), Stuart Little 2, HP Poa (abbreviated bec I do NOT agree with anything in those books or games and thus, do not recommend them), other HP games. I can only recommend HP games for ideas as to what types of graphics and games to put in a Bible Exploration game. That's about it. I have not acquired the Rugby game yet as $35 is too expensive for me and used has not been found yet. I love Rugby - watching it. I am not good at games, so probably won't be able to play rugby ps2 with much success. I love to see Australian Rules Football game too! Probably have to go check out Australia for that. LOL. I'd love to find a game that allows one to explore London but the graphic programming for that game would be a nightmare. LOL Explore London without ever leaving your armchair. :-D I'd also love to explore The Wailing Wall too! Just imagine, one can go through any tunnel, and shop, and museum, any restaurant with a click of the 'x' key to open, and the arrow keys to navigate. Pretend to buy something with the 'o' key and have it go into items. Oops! Just went Materialistic! Bye!