The Lord has blessed me with a heart for nature and all His creation. I love to garden and raise differant kinds of plant. I have over 70 house plants at present.

I specialize in Jades, and other succulent plants and dable in cactus some. I really love the cactus and succulent hobby.

Every year I grow a veggie garden and plant new flowers in my flower beds. This year I started a new rock garden. It is not finished yet, i hope to finish it next spring.

I live close to the river here and so I often see the deer in the field at the end of the street and we get the coons up near the houses some times looking for food. I used to love walking to the river and pray for the day I can do it again..I will have to make another post and share with you all about my prayer rock at the river.

God bless you all



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Oh, I would love to see your flower garden. Take some pics and post them here sister for all of us to see. We have a lot of flower lovers here at CFS. I would also like to see that prayer rock.
Some flowes of mine :)


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Your flowers/Roses all looks beautiful. Looking at them, I can tell you take really good care of them.

Thanks for sharing.
'you sound kind of like my parents befor i moved out (over 2 years ago) my mom had over 200 house plants and most of their back yard is a veggie garden with a flower bed up against the house aswell as a good size strawberry patch and a plum tree. their front yard has several flower beds and along the side of the house they have red and white raspberries (that makes for a good fence lol not manny people will climb through 2ft of raspberry canes that are probably 6ft tall lol)
Yes i grew up with my dad and grandma having big gardens. One of the very few things of my childhood that I remember that does not hurt.

I also spent many years up in Alaska and got to really see the beauty of creation. I love the outdoors. I lived on the river up there also:)


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We have several members who grow Chili's. Do you have a vegetable garden as well.
Oh yes!!

I am growing peppers several kinds, several tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchini, scallop squash, carrots, beets, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and sunflowers:)


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Oh, my goodness!! What??? You must have a big yard...LOLOLOL. That is wonderful. All the makings for the salad I should of eaten yesterday now.LOLOL
:eek: You were not blessed with one green thumb, but two!!

What beautiful flowers!

I love gardening myself. It's when I feel at one with nature and the Lord the most.

Thanks for sharing them with us!

Blessings, Cheri
my parents useually grow beets, carrots, green beans, yellow beans, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, multiple types of lettuce, multiple types of herbs, swiss char, green onions, peas, cucumbers, brocolli, super chili's and a few other things. i really miss all the fresh veggies hmmm some day ill get back out there lol

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Our gardening here at our northern seasonal location consists of a memorial flower garden in one corner of our Rectory property. With global COOLING in this area, our growing season is only about 8 - 10 weeks, which isn't enough to grow veggies properly, but our flower garden does fairly well.

We lost a family member in 1903... my Dad's oldest brother, who was taken home by God after only 3 months on earth. We replaced his old limestone headstone at the cemetery 4 years ago with a proper granite marker and have the original grave marker here at the Rectory as part of the memorial garden. We also have memorial plaques in that garden celebrating the lives of my Dad and numerous animal friends who we have cherished over the years.