G'day from Down Under!

G'day from Down Under!

Hiya guys and gals!

My name is Dave.

Even though I was baptised when I was six, I feel that I did not get christian guidance growing up (In spite of Catholic School). (I'm not catholic).

Many years of different faiths/religions: Buddhism, Islam, New Age, Pagan.

There were a number of factors that lead me back to, or rather to (for the first time) Christ.

I've been depressed over the last year. Very deep dark stuff. There was no hope or anything in my life. Detah would have been a release.

But see, I was a searcher.

Matthew 5:6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousnesss, For they shall be filled"

I was always a seeker for truth.

Two things that lead me back to god.

"The Secret" became super popular in the New Age area. I read it, bought the stuff discussed it.......but something wasn't right. This was so selfish and basically wrong. It was about power in the individuals greed. This pushed me away from New Age.

I joined this Druid Order. Part of their process was that you were to pick a pantheon of Gods to worship. When it came down to picking ....... something stopped me. I just couldn't do it!

Then I thought, why not worship god, instead of man made stuff!

I started talking to christians and reading and moving towards Christ.

I've now accepted Christ and the Christian teachings as Truth. Christ is the truth.

I've found a church and I'm going for the second sermon tomorrow (Sunday here).

31 years old and I'm saved! :jesus-sign::dance:
Welcome Dave, It is nice to have you with us. I can see wondering around in the desert was a eye opening experience. God was always right there waiting for you and with the wisdom you gained it has brought you closer to your, (our) Redeemer. May the LORD always bless you and keep you.
Hey Dave,
I'm an Aussie too - that's fantastic news - may you find the peace that only the true God can provide!


Welcome Dave, the closer you get to Jesus the more darkness and depression will flee!
That is so awesome that God by His Spirit was with you all that time guiding you gently back to the truth. He never forces His way in. I have many friends who are also searching in the New Age realm for truth as a Christian this discourages me as they use Jesus name but do not truly know Him. Your post gives me much hope. Thanks again for sharing and welcome to CF Site. gg



Awesome testimomy of God's goodness and grace. Welcome to CFS