G'Day to you all.

G'Day to you all.

Hello everyone,

The name's Johnathan, my wife's is Amber, hence the the display name...

I've been saved for almost two years. Christ has looked over me my entire life, only realizing this a short time ago... two years ago. Christ used His love through my wife to bring me to His glory. That is what we are heere on Earth to do, bring everyone we can to Christ's love. Anway...

I've also been working on computers for around 16 years. I love technology. God has bestowed a gift to me on how to understand them, so I intend to us it. Hence the website I've made at:


I've been looking for a Christian based forum that is actually Christ centered and not theology/religious centered. I found one once, but alas they've decided to beleive in their knowledge of scripture as opposed to the Spirit. Bad move in my opinion. I will not name the placed I've been out of respect, unless they wre good palces to be, of course.

Well that a bit from me. God bless you all, and to all... a good day!

God bless,
I trust that you will get to know us and that you will find your visits to this forum a real blessing.
Welcome to CFS Johnathan, We hope you enjoy your stay here! If you ever need anything let me know. God Bless You!:liturgy: