G'Day, My name is Emma and I live in Australia. I joined this site a few months ago and totally forgot about it until I was clearing our my bookmarks.

So here's a little bit about me;

Spider-man is the best comic book hero ever IMO.
I'm currently writing a book in my spare time.
I'm a Christian and am apart of my church's choir.
I'm currently doing a Certificate 3 in Hospitality at TAFE. Community colledge for you Americans.
I love to Role Play either online or by writing or through a game like Mass Effect.
I have two very cute, very fat beagles that enjoy eating mums chickens.
I am terrified of spiders. They're creepy little things.
I love to read books like the rangers Apprentice series.

And that's all I can think of right now. Ask me any questions and I'll be glad to answer them.
Welcome, Emma. I was always partial to Batman, Hulk, and Swamp Thing. Not sure Swamp Thing qualifies as a superhero in the classic sense, but whatever. Of course, I'm thinking of the versions of these characters from about 30 years ago and more, back when Batman fought criminals while wearing tights instead of body armor, and the Batmobile was an actual car instead of that.....whatever that thing is. I did enjoy the portrayal of Hulk in the recent Avengers movie, though.
Hello Emma, welcome to CFS. And I do like spiderman, but going to agree with Rumley on this one about Batman. :-p
Hiya Emma! :) I'm Hope, and I'm one of the Americans. :) I too am a Christian and have recently managed to volunteer my introverted self for our church's Christmas choir. :eek: Role playing hhmm? Yeah ... guilty here too ... ahem :)

I had beagle for the longest time. His name was Winchester Beaglesworth. :) He, unfortunately, had old age creep up on him so he is no longer with us. I now have the three kitties, one of whom is on the evil "diet" word as he's, er, a wee bit portly. Helios, Apollo, and Aurora ... orange tabbies. Apollo is in my avatar.

Anyway, welcome!!
G'day Emma, What part of Australia are in.....what State? You might keep a look out on this site for hyperkilia, she is about your age and attending TAFE also (Ithink). But welcome.:)
Thankyou for all the welcomes everyone.

@Rumely: I enjoy reading the Batman comics only if the have Red Hood in them. You know the second Robin that was killed by the Joker in the '80's.

@Calvin: I live in N.S.W on the coast.