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Oct 25, 2006
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So, a question for Banarenth to ponder........Does posting a url constitute "express written permission" from any copyright owner? The notice posted at the following url is very specific and easily understood:
Just posting a url along with copyright material seems to amount to a mockery of any copyright claim contained therein, and I have been guilty of this practice in the past myself, so please don't jump to the conclusion that I am persecuting Brad.
Does or any of their members have "express written permission" to post copyright material?
A second question would be...Why were the images on another thread "redacted" to oblivion instead of just having the url info 'redacted' into the relevant posts?
Seems to me that the best way is to just post url info and leave copyright material where it belongs. With most browsers having multi tab capabilities this is not a difficult thing to do.

Perhaps Jeff can configure the forum software to open a new tab,(if necessary) when a url is invoked, though most browsers can be configured to do this anyway.

If you have concerns, report. Please do not address these issues in the topics. In this case, the owners of the site sent an email providing express written permission. That is more than satisfactory to me.

Second, the previous images were redacted because I did not have links of any kind. They weren't directly linked to their parent sites and I wasn't inclined to search the web for each and every image individually to provide an alternate link. Since the manner in which those were reported wasn't established yet, I did the best I could with a bad situation.

This no longer needs to be discussed in a way that disrupts topics. Let's put Batman out of a job and let the police do theirs. :)
Apr 22, 2013
It's hard to say what happened with the volcanoes here, on many sides of Tahiti the mountains are at the edge of the lagoon and the reef is up to 1/4 mile off shore, which is the reason for the black sand beaches, most of the white sand beaches are at the outer islands and they are mostly atolls, but then Moorea and Bora Bora are extinct above water volcanoes and they have white sand beaches, so who knows?

What we've been told unofficially, by inside sources, is France developed and joined the Newtron Bomb community, to help fulfill prophecy, Zech 14:12.

We have our own airline, it's called Air Tahiti Nui with flights from Papeete to Los Angles and then on to Paris and Papeete to Tokyo, come on down!

Jan 11, 2013
South East Asia
For example, easier air routes from Paris to overseas French territories. French postal rates to its overseas territories are traditionally lower than to other countries in the regions of those territories.
Is this for any French citizens or contract workers, diplomatic corps and gov. employees?
Apr 22, 2013
Cheap air fares are not for the public, just the "fonctionaires," round trip tickets on Air France are almost $2,500 and Air Tahiti Nui is around $2,200.

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