Get involved!


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Get involved!

We need your help as we enter the new year
As we enter the new year together, why don't you join us in our effort to make this community even more enjoyable and blessing to many. Browse below to see where you can fit in and respond immediately.

We may need experienced html/javascript/php... coders to edit our files. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Church Leaders
As a leader at your Church, you can share your sermon notes here at Christian Forum Site and invite your friends at Church to browse through them. Blogs can be used for this purpose.

Expense bearers/Site Supporters
If you have a bit of extra cash which you are happy to donate, you can do that here. We'll use it to maintain the website and pay for its increasing expenses. Please do not donate your tithe or Church donation here because we are not a Christian ministry to accept it.
Donate here.

You can help us moderate the community by joining in as a Helper and donating a bit of your time to help the team and community. Get in touch with one of the moderators to register your interest.

Prayer supporters
Praying for our community is the most important contribution that you can make. Please donate a bit of your prayer time for us as well. We can't do anything without God's guidance and help. You can also participate in the prayer forum which is specifically created for this purpose.

Video contributors
Have you made a nice video which you would like to share, then join our group on YouTube and share your video:

If you are a webmaster and you own/administrate a website(s), then include a link to to send you visitors to our community. Our community is safe and well moderated to provide your visitors a comforting Christian environment. Click here for the HTML code or here for logo and banners.

You might be very creative at designing websites and creating graphical banners. The first thing CFS visitors notice is how our website has been designed. We need to make it as attractive, homely and neat as possible. Isn't it time you contact us and let us know how your creativity can be put to good use?

So where do you fit in?
Get in touch with one of the moderators or me for more information.