'Get to know you' Thread

Been thinking about that alot, lately. I considered starting a thread on it, if there isn't one already somewhere.

My parents were both teachers, so the entire family had ten days or so together. It was nice just relaxing in the cozy house. The wood stove had a cheery warble to it when it was damped down just so. My brother and dad would be watching the football games. Mom would usually be fixing a puzzle, when she wasn't fixing goodies. Grizzo (the quite substantial cat) would be napping on top of the TV. I sometimes followed Griz's lead when not engrossed in a book. Evenings were often spent sitting around the living room talking, joking, and laughing. It was always so peacefully pleasant, not having to go anywhere or do anything. I wish I could recapture that relaxed atmosphere.

What was your best Christmas present EVER?


Prime rib medium rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you going to do on your next family vacation?
WOW.. I got this SAME question in the other thread. So I'll give the same answer...

This bad boy right here

Rusty says hi.

What sports are you hardcore about???
All day, I talk with God all day.

What does Polycarp mean?

That’s easy. Back in the old days, we would go fishing for carp, and when we caught one we would wrap it in a sheet of poly and throw it on a bed of hot coals. We would turn it over quickly several times until the poly was good and melted. We then would take the carp out and wrap it in tinfoil and finish cooking it on the hot coals. Once it was cooked completely, we would then slice it down the middle and remove the insides, scrape off what was left of the poly and the scales, and then chop off the head. It was a delicacy. It had that delicious burnt plastic taste that everyone loves.

Was I close? :D

(I know what it is now, I had to look it up:eek:)

When was the first time you cried “happy” tears?
I was playing football and got hit from behind. It cracked my growth plate, and tore the upper muscle in my leg away from the bone and took a chunk of the bone with it.

Same question
when I was little our garage door wasn't working so we had to manually lift it up to put the cars in the garage. Well little ol' me decided to walk my way into the garage instead of waiting in the car and right when I walked under the door it hit my head and smacked me straight to the cement where it again hit my face and left me with a bloody red scar on my face for weeks. I was probably 5 or so.... I thought I was going to die but of course I was fine.

Ummm... farthest you've been away from home?
If you could ask God one question, and get a concise, direct, and audible response, what would that question be?

Is she really the one? (God knows who I am talking about)

If your house burnt down, with everything in it… what Is the one thing that you would miss the most that is irreplaceable?
Eh, can't decide. Wallet, or photographs probably.

Same question.

I’ve been thinking of what I would miss the most. I have a few things that are irreplaceable. One that comes to mind is my Bible that is 108 years old. It would be tough to replace that one. And the hand made quilt given to me as a gift by a very special lady.

Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?
I already made myself a futuristic resume as a project in one of my classes last quarter. It's all right here, lol.

Aside from the jobs, I don't want too big of a house. I just want to be near a lake or the beach or something. I'm a consertative guy so that will go with my plans as well. No fancy car, just something gasoline efficient with a good sterio. I'm not going to have huge bills, money and free time will be spent vacationing, hiking, boating, camping etc. I will have a wife and kids, of course. I will be 39. Dang.. thats too old. I will have worked out alot and have a really toned and athletic body. And I will be better looking than my hot wife.

Same question.
I see myself living with my husband in our home, finally able to take some time to go places and do things together, with my children and their families coming over for weekends and family dinners, laughing and telling stories. I hope my husband is still alive in 20 years. If he's not, I don't want to be.

What is your favorite color, and why?