Getting organized...

I think I put this in the right place, this thread is about me just getting myself together and my life organized...but deals with college as well as I'm still in school.

So I have composition notebook that I've turned into my agenda/planner... and just now I kinda got finished writing off a long list(very long list) of things I need to have done by this summer coming up..

It was pretty long and it started to make me anxious and I started to feel what if I can't do this, what if I don't stick with it... I just need everything to come together...

For example: getting a car (saving up for it..gonna need it when i live on dorm for my program), doing the essay for the program, planning on when to do my clinicals for the program(really have to see when i can since ill be working full time and 2 jobs) studying for the TEAS, saving money for it....and so much more ...its making me alittle stressed..

is there a way to be more organized and to chunk it down so I wont get overwhelmed...I'm feeling anxious already.
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Pray and commit this all to the Lord and then take it one day at a time.

Maybe put a date of when the things from college have to be in by and then you can pace yourself.
Figure out how much per check you can commit to car savings and write that down. Then there is no having to figure it out each time.

Maybe chunk everything by date... per month or week depending upon when you need them.