Gibby and Whirlwind promoted


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Gibby and Whirlwind promoted

Gibby has been promoted as moderator and whirlwind as helper. Congratulations Gibby and Whirlwind. :D Welcome to the mod/helper team.

Pastor Gary

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Gentlemen - welcome to the Team. We know that your presence here will make a difference in our ability to keep CFS safe and secure for our members. Thank you both for accepting the promotions and God bless.
CONGRATULATIONS to both of you. Welcome to the team.

I trust Jeff told you that on promotion you are expected to send a substantial financial gift to the rest of the staff team :D
Thank you all so much!:D It's such a great honor to serve my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Jar-Jar Binks: "Mesa humbly accept this honor with much humility and muy, muy, muy..."

Senator Amidala: "Jar-Jar...I'm sure you have a lot of work to do, I don't want to hold you up.":rolleyes:


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Know I love you guy...but do that again...and you WILL die.... :mad:

Rooster: Now you have a monopoly on multiple personalities

Bana: No...I just HATE Jar Jar.