Give Yourself A Break

In Corinthian 4 Paul said that he didn't think much of what others thought about him because he said he didn't judge himself and that he knew nothing of himself, he who judged him is the LORD. The word judge in the original greek text is scrutinise - I don't scrutinise myself because I know nothing of myself. How often do we scrutinise and judge ourselves? How often do we punish ourselves, examine ourselves and pick ourselves a part. God simply does not expect us to do this, he expects us to be free and allow him to bring up the issues in his way and in his time so, give yourself a break tonight Christian not from what I've said but what from the original scriptures tell us, let God be our judge because when he judges it's always pure, peaceable, fruitful and easy to be entreated.

I don't know about you but I'll go with Paul, nobody (other than spirit-filled loving believers) judge me, no unclean spirit, devilish spirit or unclean is allowed to judge me. He who judges me is the Lord so, give yourself a break, live in the freedom Christ bought you, he was on his hands and knees being beaten for all of your sin yesterday, today and tomorrow in thought, word and deed. God bless you tonight and enjoy your freedom in Jesus, the blood-soaked ground at calvary was the punishement for your peace, so take it and enjoy.

Examine yourself - Bread and the Wine - 'Examine yourself to make sure you are taking the bread and the wine worthily by examining yourself in this way - Am I still trusting in the finished work of Christ for my salvation, am I living in the Grace he has bought for me and am I depending on him for it all, because we all so easily forget...
I don't know how often I fall into this trap myself at times, it's so easy to scrutinise yourself, thought you'd like this one xxx

I do. I was just Skyping with my American friend in Missouri a few minutes ago and we were talking about how we so often submit ourselves to negative self-talk. While it is a good thing to be able to discern the truth about ourselves in various areas, we so often find ourselves parroting what the chief liar says about us, thinking that it is our own thoughts, when they are really planted thoughts!

In some cases those thoughts are reinforced by not-so-well-meaning others. We have quite a formidable job before us, sometimes, trying to wade through the voices and find the truth of Jesus Christ speaking to us about us. God's word is the mirror we need to be looking into for the true, clear image.

2 Corinthians 3:18 (NLT)
So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.
@christianbacktobasics Great post, I really needed to hear it.

Hi God is love and apologies for the delay in my reply. My wife Sharon has just joined CFS and we're sharing one laptop as our back-up laptop (which is missing most of it's keys) is playing up! So glad you felt blessed, the original greek texts always say it a little better than English translations and in this case it's a truth, scrutinise, hope fully I'll be able to practice a little more than I preach as I go. I've always been the world's worst for picking myself a part, so glad God's Word confirms to us that we need not, unless it's by the Holy Spirit!