Glad Our Sun Doesn't Do This!

An animation of a variable star known as TV Libra. It cycles from maximum brightness to Minimun and back again in about 6 1/4 hours. It is the star pulsing pretty much dead center in the image. Variable star type RRLyrae. Also imaged with ED 80 refractor and canon350d. Animation compiled with Photoshop.
That could make life interesting. The news would have to feature daily sun cycle tables so a person would know how to plan their day. I wonder if that means the other solar radiation pulsates proportionately? Could make for some impressive auroras.
Where is the original?
Huh? The Original series of images, (I'll have to look them them upin my archives) Would have been a series images, probably 3 or so in several groups. Let's say I took 3 images one after the other, each one being about 1 minute duration. Then half an hour later I took another group of three and so on. Each group of three was then 'stacked' to make one image with an accumulative... no that is not technically correct,....with a reduced noise level so that the pixel intensity could be increased. These enhanced image sets were then combined in Photoshop as an animation.
I also did a google search for TV Libra and found nothing other than Libra Television...

Are you talking about the Libra constellation?
Libra TV?:)
The constellation Libra. TV libra is way too faint to be seen with the naked eye.
That is not tv libra, just the star that gave the name to the type.
You should find it listed at
Go to list by constellation, scroll down to Libra and it is the top right most entry in the chart.
I did take the pic. Well I prefer to call it an image, but whatever, I took the series of images, processed them using a variety of tools including pixel math, and compiled them into an animation. When you asked if I had the original, there was no straight answer... I have the original image sets that comprise the animation, and I have the animation. I don't understand your confusion... I pointed you here because of your stated interest in and knowledge of Photo editing. Ohh the youtube image is not mine though, never claimed it was. I just posted it because it too shows the variability of a star.
No, I am not a Libra, I was a May Baby.