Gluten Free Betty Crocker Baker's Challenge & GrannyGodley's GIVEAWAY

Some of you are familiar with my blog, and I want to post this special GIVEAWAY here on Christian Forum Site because I realize that there are a lot of gluten challenged folks out there who would enjoy a chance to get 5 boxes of gluten free mixes.

I got a package of the 5 mixes from the supplier in order to taste-try them, and I just finished baking the brownie mix. Wonderful!

So here is the link to the giveaway. I hope one of you here on Christian Forum Site wins the package of 5 mixes. This is limited to US residents, only. Sorry for those of you outside of the USA, but that is rules and regs for you.

While you're on Chat With Vera, you might check out the Fiber One Cereal giveaway, too. It ends June 21, 2011. It, too, is limited to USA residents.
Well, if you know anyone in the US that is gluten intolerant, please pass it along. Or perhaps you can enter for them. ;)