Go preaching, get arressted! Apsiring politican handcuffed for preaching Gospel

Yep, we're done for. Free Speech is no more, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being shut up, just like Satan planned. Now all white, male, heterosexual, Christians cannot say anything without the police having to come to their door!

Good job, America! The nation "Under God" ;)


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you only have freedom of speech as long as it doesn,t affect politics.they have an agenda you know.to rid this place of God.:eek:funny how it,s gonna be the opposite.:groupray:
This is the same Cleveland, Ohio that was inundated with "born again JEWS" when the Jews for Jesus campaign "Behold Your God" hit it several years ago...I remember it well because several of my Messianic brothers and sisters participated in street ministry and passing out broadsides.

The policeman's comment of "You are preaching" might just have to be brought up before the ADF, Alliance Defense Fund...This is where the "mistake" was made. Let's be in prayer for our brother and the Lord's work. I am sending this article to MANY in that city today.

The preaching of the cross is foolishness to them that perish...sad, but very true.
The restaraunt's rights were not infringed. The pathway to his business was not obstructed. The sidewalk outside of the resteraunt is public domain. The restaraunt owner doesn't have control or jurisdiction there. Bottom line? The ticket will be thrown out.

Now for the bigger issue. The war here is spiritual. It is safe to assume that there was a possible life change that was going to happen there. The "obviously" unsaved restaraunt owner was likely acting under the advice of the enemy.

We should all be dilligent on our walk (crawl to some of us!). Our words, our lives, our interests should bring God glory and be an attraction to the lost. When we speak, speak boldly. When we drive down the road and are listening to our favorite Christian music, roll down the windows even if it's hot outside. The seeds you drop will far outweigh the creature conforts of the A/C. When we work, do everything like you are working for our Lord directly. Every possible thing can pique the interest of the lost.

Be glad that this happened in a way. It means that Christians are still a force to be reckoned with, and the Truth of the Gospel of Christ still carries it's potency to change lives. :preach:

Anyone want the soap box now? I think I'm done for now. :D