God and the Dictator

In a far off country there use to live an Dictator who oppressed his people greatly,he took everything from his people; He took their liberty,freedom,wealth and basically everything that made his people feel comfortable. Those that resisted were meet with force of arms and took keep his people from rebeling again he sent an massage that will forever be engraved into their minds. He forced those that were still alive to work side by side with the lowest of the low to build an walled off city at gun point then he made then all live in it after it was accomplised.

Now this dictator had everything his hearts could desire but he was greatly unhappy within himself so from time to time he will engage in the most grievous acts possible to make himself feel happy and for a time he would be only happy for a season but then he will fall back in to the same cycle, finally he summoned all of his generals and spoke."I order you all to find in the land a wise man and bring him here so that he can unravel this mystery as to why i am soo unhappy however if he can't i'll have him shot." the generals all carried out his orders and one by one they each brought him an wise man but they couldn't give him the answer he sought, but one brought with him an Christan.

The Christan stood before the dictator and the dictator looked at him and asked."Why am I unhappy?" the Christan replied."Isn't it obovous oh great leader you are wit hout God in your life."

The dictator snickered and even laughed abit and retorted."Tell me little christan, how can your God make me happy?" the christan asnwered back."If you allow me i'll explain but you must first promise if the answer i provide is satisfactory you must let me go home unharmed." The dictator rolled his eyes and answered back."Fine but only if its satisfactory" The Christan nod his head."You see , you are in sin right now which is contradictory to God's universal law. By doing all these horrid things to your own people you have sinned greatly againist God and while doing so you have felt joy from this but however since joy doesn't come from sin but ture joy comes from God it comes then it goes making you feel hallow." The Dictator replied back interested."And tell me what must I do to achive everlasting joy?" The christan shoke his head."It shouldn't be everlasting joy you should be worried about but in fact it should be the state of your immortal soul, you see your in sin and the wages of sin is death and finally unltimate destruction and eterinal sepration from God's holy presance."

The dictator held up his hand in minor annoyance."And people say Iam oppersive, your God sound like my kind of guy." the christan only liffted an eyebrow."I wouldn't mistake Gods persance to oppressive or anything close to resembling you,you see God doesn't allow sin into his presance because he can't be around it. However he loves his childern so much he thougt of away for us to be cleaned of sin and to come to where he is after we die." The dictator leaned in and replied."And if he loved us so much why can't we just be with him when we die anyway reguardless of sin?" The christan replied back."Its the choice we make, you see like i said sin is contrary to God's universal law and sin is delt with under the unltimate penalty of death, Its because God loves us and wants us to be with him he offers us an choice. repent fully and be clean or don't repent and be forever out of his persance facing the unltimate penalty."

The dictator looks shaken and replies."Fine lets say i repent then what?" The christan replies." Then you have some cleaning up to do, you must give back all you have stolen from your people and level yourself to our level so you can understand what it is like under your system of law." The dictator nod his head"okay you can go." The christan nod his head."God bless you sir." That night the words of the christan had hunted the dictator so the next morning he had given his life to God but however his people had risen up and over thrown his tyrancal regime,he was then forced to live the same way his people had lived but for the first time in his life he was truly happy.