God bless you!

God bless you!

May God be with you!

Thank you for being a Christian forum. I'm glad we can celebrate our love for and relationship with Jesus. We all have that in common.

My personal testimony.... Let's just say, I've always believed in Christ from an early age...went to college and strayed...came back a bit then had children and asked Christ to guide me and WAMMO! Did He ever guide me and keeps guiding me in bringing up my children in His Love and Truth.

I have been so impacted by His guidance that I now teach 2nd Grad Faith Formation/ Sacramental Prep. And I'm still learning and growing!

God bless you!

PS. The Avatar I chose is because Christ always wants in a special way all of the children to come to Him. In addition, He wants all of us to be like children in faith and love for him and each other. As I teach my "kids", I make sure they know they are truly special above all others with Jesus.
God is so good, isn't he?
I am very happy to meet you and am sure you will be happy here too!

This forum is as special as you want it to be, I came here also looking to edify of myself and provide a few lessons.

Welcome Be With You