God Hears Our Prayers And Sees Our Obedience

Dear Brother and Sister at CF

I just wanted you to know that I finally found a place to live and our application was approved today!!!!!

On the day of the open house I decided to wake up early and fast for the entire day. I dont fast very often, I like my food too much I guess. BUt on this day fasting was really easy, I was not hungry all day.
I went to the open house at 11:30 Am and put in my application around 3PM. The meeting with the Realtors was kind of awkward because of all the personal questions, and because of my very sad bank balance. But my account has never been overdrawn and I always managed (By the grace of God) to pay my current rent on time. So these things put me in good stead. However, it is almost impossible to compete with folks who have heaps of money. But God reminded me that I am his special daughter and he has ALWAYS looked after me.

Yesterday I woke up wondering why why I still hadnt heard fromt he realtor one way or another. I mean cause if I didnt get that one I would have to quickly put in an application for another. Here we have to supply a large deposit each time we put in an application so this process is quite difficult for me to manage. Anyway all day yesterday every where I went I kept seeing the #23. Im not into numerology but this number was very persistent. It was the next chapter in this great book Im reading by Charles Swindoll, it was the # for the next verse for me to read in the bible study I am doing, it was in a story I was readin about Francis of Assisi as the day of his death, which just happens to also be my fathers and best friends birthdate, and last but not least it was the number I was given at the Christian cafe yesterday when I ordered my coffee. Do you think that the Lord was trying to tell me someting????? Guess what day I get to move into my new place?????

Yes you guessed it April 23rd!! Now if you didnt believe the Lord has a sense of humour I hope you do now!!! I love the Lord with all my heart and soul and mind! I do love my neighbours as myself. And I still love Don Cole!!!!! Don you said, "Its going to be along time until we can be together" and I still believe that we will! I just hope it is here on earth..

See you Christian Forum folks and HAve a wonderful day!!!

Love from HolyGardenMaiden
Congrats. Praise The Lord!

Its also ironic that there is a movie called 'number 23' with Jim Carrey in it.

O the creepiest Jim Carey Movie ever. I had a wonderful experience yesterday anyway, and I hope you have a great day filled with beautiful images too! My day was more like "Bruce Almighty".