God is always listening

God is always listening

God is always listening.

I know God was listening to me today when I said, "I really want to see the bluebirds..."

It sounds funny, yes, but it is true. It's Memorial Day today (the day this thread was written), and I had really wanted to go out but not be around a lot of people. I really wanted to watch the bluebirds get bugs and feed their babies, but there were so many people at the park that there was no possibility of that happening.

So, me and my grandmother drove up onto a hill into a smaller park. There was barely any people there - it was just peace and quiet.

And guess what happened? I saw the bluebirds!

Now, what am I trying to say?

That God is always listening. He heard me say that and He answered my wish by me being able to enjoy seeing the bluebirds.

And when I saw the bluebird, I knew who sent him and his mate.

God is always listening. He is listening when we cry, when we're angry, when we're sad, when we're happy, and when we're being malicious.

God knows everything, and He knew what I wanted for Memorial Day.

Amen, he is always listening. He has answered my simplest prayers sometimes, in the most amazing ways. How awesome is the God we serve, he gives his children good things, if we just listen.
i cant count the amount of times my computer has broken for no reason (im good with computers and i cant diagnose it) then:
o yes, i forgot something: *prays*: *computer works*