God is Awesome!!

God is Awesome!!

Hi everyone! I have been seeking forums in an effort to find spiritual assistance as I am extremely confused at the moment :confused: What I seek is more knowledge of His will concerning a co-worker. She states He has healed her from cancer and numerous other afflictions. I have no reason to doubt as I believe in His ability to transform ANY area of our lives.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in helping me with conflict I am currently experiencing con cerning this person, please let me know......I will go into much more detail then. I just feel this person is becoming more damaging than helpful to me spiritually and need guidance from someone with the time to engage in communicate with me.

Know that I have been clean/sober since 8/89 and have been searching for His will since. I work as a counselor helping others who suffer from the same affliction as I - carrying His message of freedom from the bondage of self.

I am ready, and eager, to learn. More than anything, I want to do what He would have me do and not base my decisions about this person upon my 'human-ness', but upon how He wants me to. I have not been confused like this enough to lead me to seek out the guidance I seek in a while.

Thank you for readfing and I look forward to participating in this forum in the future. God bless...............

the spirit looks after our bodies.thats why we live longer.when you hear about fitness bla blah just rubbish.
the spirit looks after our bodies.thats why we live longer.when you hear about fitness bla blah just rubbish.

Saved or not, you're not going to live long on donuts while watching TV 24/7. The Bible commands us to take care of our bodies. Nutrition and fitness are important, and develope discipline.
God is great and awesome and is fully capable of healing diseases.
He truly healed my husband of cancer.
At the same time, I do believe some people will dramatize and exaggerate
their experiences with alot of illnesses in order to convince others of God's greatness.
God is certainly great and certainly capable and though he deserves all credit for all things, we never want to blow something out of proportion without facts, just in order to 'convince' someone to follow Christ.
Gods commands are not burdensome,peoples commands are.

True, true. God's commands are perfect, and deliver people from evil. Only sin leads to death.

That's one of the things that gives me faith. People say "well there are all these other religions!" But ONLY the Holy Bible is full of commands that promote only peace, love, and life, and condemn all things that lead to death.
It is important to remember that God also gives wisdom- I don't reccomend going to sleep on the interstate highway and expect to wake up in one peace :D - that being said moderation is the key with donuts and most other things, other than that enjoy the life God gives you!
Hello, Champagene.Faith, welcome to CFS!
I'm happy that you have come here to learn, I myself have benefited a lot by reading and replying to various discussions on the boards.

The information concerning the person you've mentioned is rather vague... how exactly is he or she damaging to you?

I look forward to seeing you participate further in the forums too! God bless you.