God is everywhere around you

God is everywhere around you

God Is Everywhere Around You

Nature is, many times, overlooked by to many people as a means of understanding God, and seeing His Glory at work around us. While me and my school were over at a retirement center doing Christmas carols and playing the hand bells (I am in the hand bell choir :)), I was looking outside at a creek bed that was bubbling and streaming down below the center.

Now, you may wonder what a creek has to do with God, but as I watched and listened not with my eyes but my heart, and listened to the songs of praise and worship that the children sang, I saw God and felt His presence. I do not want to sound like some new age cook, but what I am trying to say that God is everywhere and sometimes, in very strange places.

To me, in my eyes, in those few moments, I could see, that the flowing of the river, the singing of the stream, and the water that flows there is all provided by God. Without Him there wouldn't be any water, or a stream, or the rocks which it flows over.

And He is there in the song of the birds, or the cry of a wolf, or the whisper of the wind in gales. Without Him none of this stuff would exist. None of it. I think it is amazing that there is a God who is so loving He cares even for a tiny, little sparrow. Yes, those little birds like this...
isn't he cute?!

that you sometimes see and maybe if you are willing enough will feed them if they beg you long enough. Most other "gods" never speak of knowing when a sparrow falls to a ground.

God cares for His Creation and if you listen closely, not with your eyes but with your heart, you will hear, and see, and understand a lot more. Sometimes, the gentle kindness of a mare and her foal speaks of God's love to us, and how he nurtures us. The lick on the hand from your dog when you are sad and lonely shows that God is there when no one else is there for you.

The sweet song of a bird shows the gift of song, and the budding of a flower in the first days of spring after a cold winter shows the life and the beauty God gives us everyday, yet sometimes we manage not to see it. So, maybe you should take a step, and admire the beauty of Nature God has so gladly given us. It's there for a reason.

This is what inspired me to write this today. Please visit this website and see these amazing, beautiful, photographs of tiny snowflakes. Imagine - how can something so intricate and yet so miniscule not come from someone...someone like GOD?

Snowflakes and Snow Crystals

I think you sound as though you are right where you need to be. It is amazing when people see the LORD's work all around, mine hit looking at the leaves change color, and was simply awestruck by his incredible creativity.
You keep finding the beauty in the LORD NearerToGOD and I pray many blessings of his presence with you!
Merry CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Pastor Gary

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Perhaps at this time, it might be appropriate to just re-read the Creation Chapter >>> Genesis 1 (KJV) <<< Please click on the blue chapter hi-lite and read with me... "In the beginning..."