God Is Love

God is love; and love is a spirit which is unconditional, pure, selfless, forgiving and sacrificial. It is the inner most desire of our heart, and the only source of our peace and joy. Because love is unconditional it is not affected by conditions that surround us. It therefore, does not discriminate between friends and foes. Furthermore it is the force that propels us to surrender our own interest in order to serve those who hurt and betray us. Love took a human form in Jesus (who is God), who accepted the most painful and shameful death on the cross, so that, we, who betrayed him and hurt him by our sins, may have eternal life. His sacrifice kindles the spirit of love in our heart. This enables us to love one another as he has loved us (John 13:34-35); quietly bear each other’s burdens; die to self in order to bring healing to those who hurt and betray us; forgive without any limit (Matt. 18:22); bind each other’s wounds; stay faithful to our marriage covenant even when there is hurt, betrayal and frustrations; and be a servant to our fellow human beings. Since this love is not affected by what happens around us it is eternal and those who make it their life will have eternal life.