God is truly good.

God is truly good.

When I started I was dealing with some very evil mindsets, I had some demons surrounding me no doubt to, with the things I had done.
It probably nothing short of a miracle that I have made it here, without God it simply wouldn't of been possible.

I am starting to truly hear God now and its great.. Gifts are starting to be reveled and change has taken place in my heart, change that I never really thought would be possible.
Things happening and just yeah. I am still blown away by it but not so much anymore.
The more I get to know God and the closer I get to Him the more I understand that this is just a tiny bit of the Power Of God.

I have found (Not to boast me but God) that God has done a pretty quick work in me.
I have gone through alot of the stages that people take years to go through... I mean I think we all just need to shut up and listen..
The way I finally got to be able to hear God (For real, not just my dulted self in to thinking it was God) was to ask and ask the same thing over and over and over again in prayer while worshipping.
Iv had a few visions and some prophecy, one of the prophecies I had at the time never seemed like it would be possible ever, but as time gos along I see it happening now, like the change for it is taking place.
Iv had Revelation too, but yeah I still get them messed up sometimes and go down the wrong path with them lol.
I think I am now starting to get more humble, I dont know.. My heart feels more pure now.. I can feel love but its a Godly love, not a lust love..
I truly just want the best for everyone... yeah change is taking place in my life through and through...
Each day I get a little closer, each day I get new realizations that just amaze me.
God is truly good.
Anyway I just wanted to take the time to Praise Him once again for His work and give Him the credit for who I am becoming...
I also think people should use this forum more lol.


That is awesome JLA . I am so blessed by that testimony . God is so good and He is able to built and restore a broken vessel however cracked and broken it may be . He is the Potter and we are the clay and yes , He never ceases to amaze us with His goodness and His mercy . When we are in tune with Him , it is truly an awesome journey as He leads us and we follow .

You are right : people don't praise the Lord for what doing in their lives and when we do give Him the honour , He blesses us more .

God Bless you my brother and I love to hear how God is working in the lives of His people . Thank you Jesus .
Great testimony! I've seen you grow by leaps and bounds just since the short time you have been here. You don't know how happy that makes me. I thank the Lord and am rejoicing with you!

Michael Collum

I'm so glad you can see how far you've come . it is foundational being able to observe that . especially in praising Him and in prayer .

God bless you :)