God Must've Been Busy

God Must've Been Busy

Anybody ever hear this song?

My friend asked me to listen to it last night and give him my opinion...

In the song, people are mean to each other and someone dies and the singer is saying that he asked for help - but God must have been busy.

I told my friend: "Of course God is busy! He's God. But He's not busy like you and me. We can concentrate on one good task at a time, that's our limit. God is infinite, he can juggle the universe and still have time to listen to you asking Him for something. He loves to hear from you.

"But!" I told him, "just as God is busy, the devil is busy, too. The devil knows that God gave us free will. The devil wants us to chose him, and he's going to be out there making a lot of bad things seem like fun. Revenge feels good right at the moment you achieve it. But it's bad. Snapping and screaming at someone who has screamed at you for years feels so good in your heart, but it's bad. The devil is trying to make us chose bad things, and he's busy at it.

"So yes, God is busy. But he's not ever going to be so busy that you can't ask Him for help. He always hears you, and He'll always reply."

My friend said thanks. He didn't know if he should like the song or not. I told him that was up to him! If he wanted to like it, like it. I, for one, didn't hear the message in it.

To each his own though.:eek:
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