God never changes

God never changes

but maybe humans do,from the beginning after our fall,we have been a barbaric race of people,i would imagine God would have to be more strict as a father,us unruly etc.it seems humans are learning,with guidance from God.now is the worrying part,people look at the ot in this age,without understanding.Jesus is our new covenant who did what he did to give us life.the 1 thing i,am suprised at is some want to do a lot of laws which were for unruly people.
as fathers ourselves,we try to be the same,but as you know we know when to be firm,and when to cuddle our children,just think of parenting,but bigger.:D
I wonder about the perfection of Adam sometimes. Today we have a brain that only functions on about 25%. Adam's brain must have worked entirely. He lived hundreds of years and probably could sprint miles and bench 350.

Look what has happend, We have gradually grown more barbaric, (though we may wear shirts and ties instead of leaves :eek:)


True Mike- God never changes. He has always been Love. If we (as a species) would only have been able to understand that we would have realized even the Law was given out of love. Of course we could not because our ancestors ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was a sad day when they decided to follow that little blob of grey matter in their skulls instead of relying totally on the Living God for wisdom, leadership, judgment and the rest.