God's Deliverance From A Financial Bind...

I get a feeling I ought to post this....hope it helps someone out there!

A few years ago my father had lost his job of many years. He was the sole income earner in our family - my mother was a housewife. I was was not yet a legal adult. I was still a dependent and I also had no job. For me this was a new experience - until that point my dad has always been employed. I had never known real need - I went to a private school and vacations each year were regular.

The months dragged on and things got pretty dire. We went through our savings. And then you can guess what came next: we started buying groceries with the credit cards. I will be the first to admit that at this time there was much fear - and we were relying on US - not on the Lord who said "do not worry about what you will eat or what you will wear!"

Then came to our reckoning. One of the credit card companies was no longer willing to work with us. I remember taking long walks just to get away from the stress and emotions that were playing out at home. At the last minute my parents were scanning the phone books trying to find some help - there seemed to be none. So that Sunday we came to church, still with no answer...but at the beginning of service the pastor handed us an anonymous envelope. Keep in mind my family was new in that particular church and we had no friends - but there was a enough money inside to meet the credit bill and more.

Today my dad is still struggling to find a good, full time job. But there is always enough to buy food - and the credit cards are being paid off each month, not used! It is really quite amazing - each month ends in the positive, not the negative financially.

As for me personally the story goes further. I joined a year long volunteer program. When I came home I was feeling a bit anxious about getting a job. Keep in mind I live in a poor area where there isn't much - just some food service and basic shopping really. Most jobs I have seen here are minimum wage. It isn't uncommon to find people who work two or three of these low paying jobs to get by. But in three weeks time God got me a job far better than I was imaging - starting wage was higher than minimum wage. It was part time - but the hours were pretty good. There is a strong possibility of going full time. And the field I became employed in I had no direct experience in. I am just a high school graduate also. Considering all, it is quite amazing - and only God can be behind it! To me He got across His truth once and for all - He provides! Always.

God provides. And when it looks like there is no way out - that is when He is at His best! And I can tell ya, without the recent lean years in my life I would not have come to know the Lord. For in those stressed time is when I really met Him and came to Love Him! And I have a feeling that is true with many - not just me.
That is so awesome that God is working in your life like that. :) How did the preacher know to give you guys the money? Sorry if that's too personal.
That is so awesome that God is working in your life like that. :) How did the preacher know to give you guys the money? Sorry if that's too personal.

Feel free to ask! I can't remember exactly...I think either the family name was on the front or someone had told the pastor who and didn't want to be named...but God got it all through and on time! :)