God's Faithfulness

In the past year I have felt like Job many times. I was fired from my job of years, last September. I was denied my unemployment.The only income we had was my wife's SS Disability. I applied for numerous jobs, never once had an interview. God, had a plan. I had applied SS Disability, for my severe arthritis. We were able to keep our bills current with God's faithfulness. We sold a newer car because we could not afford to repair it.
God's faithfulness came through again in April. My SS Disability was approved. Like Job, we walked through the valley. Through our trials God's faithfulness and mercy was with you always. Recently our only running car decided it was time to retire. We were faced with having no car. Our friends from our church loaned us a vehicle to use. My wife's son bought us bus tickets for us to visit. We were able to visit for a week.
Our backs were to the wall yet again. God, tears down walls leads you on a new path. When we returned from Texas, it was late. Our friends were there to meet us. The rain was pouring down. They said "we have a surprise for you". They pointed to a little green car, telling us it was ours. As we stood in the rain tears flowed from our eyes.
In the past year we have been so blessed by God's faithfulness, his mercy. Each need that we have prayed about God has met. Our little car we call it God' s car, a green Angel. We serve a mighty and awesome God. God, does answer prayers. Like Job, we have remained faithful to our Lord.
In this past year my own faith has grown. I realized from the moment that my trials began that I could not control them. That I needed to give it all to God. Rather then running from God, I ran into arms. In the past year I felt God's love in a way I never knew. My faith and understanding has become deeper. I seek Lord by reading his word daily, and praying. God does answer prayers in a most mighty way.
Its good to hear how God works in other people and makes me think back to all He has done for me. May God continually bless you all.

Oh bless His Holy name!!!
Great is Thy faithfulness, there is NO shadow of turning with thee.
Thou changest not, Thy compassion faileth not.

YES, thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony :)
Oh how I love Him so!!!
What a wonderful expression of God's love and compassion expressed through His people. Such a powerful testimony to tell others. Keep the faith and your eyes on the Lord. He WILL see you through it all. Better times are coming. Praise God!: