God's Gift of Healing, Clip 1

God's Gift of Healing, Clip 1

God wants you to be healed. He sent Jesus to free you not only from sin, but to free you OF sickness. In this clip from the sermon, God's Gift of Healing, Minister Jeff shares just how badly we have allowed the enemy to trick us from receiving our wholeness. Look for clip 2 for even more. For more info visit On Good Ground International Ministries Distributed by Tubemogul.


You go Sister

Sadly, many do not understand God, or understand that healing was already bought and paid for. They make excuses, "God is teaching me with this cancer. YEA!!!!" when in reality Satan is walking all over them.

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Kingdom Principles.

I like the sign in the background. Kingdom principles. Many confuse the Kingdom of God with the kingdom of Heaven. One is a place, the other is a set of spiritual laws the operate that place called heaven and earth when men will have faith to operate them.

Thy Kingdom come..........
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Many pray that, but don't see the connection. How many wheelchairs in Heaven? How much cancer in Heaven? How many have to give up their home in Heaven because they could not pay God mortgage?

Not one!!!! Not in Heaven!!! God's will is the same on Earth as it is in Heaven.

What is that scripture, that if we pray anything according to his Will?? He will hear and we have confidence that what we petitioned will come without fail, no hindrances and no delays.

There is no curse in Heaven to hinder, on earth, spiritual things need moved out of the way. (Like devils) Peoples hearts need changed, but what you have asked will come. Stand and not move, believe.

Glory to God !!!!!

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