Good Grief

Good Grief

How one plans to devote oneself in trueness of spirit, but one must also fight the good fight, that it is hard not to be defeated at all before having proper control of oneself, that before one can uphold oneself has already fell many times for the same circumstance of spiritual defiance for doing merit which makes honest sense for the flesh is weak.. One must learn to crawl before one can walk and so be able to run soon in purpose driven life.. One must be able to be of real honesty in all that is decided..

How one thinks to be in ability of things, sureness is without a doubt that oneself insists with all reason to faithfulness of belonging with positive recommendable terms for all things to be done as gift of soul, or having considerations favoring good without interfering negativity of it.. That one is faithful to God, so God will not allow badness to be along the soul who accepts to obey all the ways recommendable for treasure of heart for pure soul. What is stopping you from belonging to true spirit in all and every detail but your own loss of control for details to be done..

What does it take to settle down and just obey God in everything? What is the matter with people that they can not become truly sincere in walk of life? Does the corrupt ever greet someone and gives of relief that people depend to do wrongfully everyday? How come people think to persuade just enough to get along but not enough to be truly worthy of spiritual being?

To be of favoring is not even a choice, it is demanded to be so.. For how well one thinks to be done a favorable good, then also one must agree to do such a thing which is most representable to qualified spirit in all.. Christ is my Shepard, did He not come here to straighten us out? What good will it do for His come if we are not even living as He advised? Make sense of being sure that spirituality is above everything in deed, then so you can rely, for your own self to be reliable as well..

To want is to be able, make no mistake of it.