Good Reasons to Get Married

Good Reasons to Get Married

[FONT=Times New Roman, Times]Good reasons to marry…



Because you don't like her last name. :D

Oh, I didn't realize that this was the humor section and I was ACTUALLY in line! In that case...

For their money.

To get a green card.

To feel all growd up.

So there's no question that you're straight

To get wedding gifts.

To make her dad dump a load of money because you don't like him.

To get a discount at her work.

To share the insurance her work offers.

To claim her officially before someone else does.

Just to get the chance to say at your wedding when asked if you'll take her: "No.... Just kidding... :) ... I do."

Because all your friends are married.
Be cause her pa won the kentucky long rifle turkey shoot the has five years running and you've been closer to her than you should have been :eek:

Because her ma is 63 years old and still could pass for Daisy Duke.

Be cause her dad is Al Capone's grandson and has just made you an offer you can't refuse.

Be cause she has the title to the pick up your driving and the licience on the boat your pulling behind it.
Because she is a better cook than your mother.

Because the movie "Fatal Attraction" is the basis for her philosiphy of life.

Because she is little sis to two line backers and her dad at the age of 40 brought home his third tough man champions belt and her mother is a hit man/woman for the mafia.

Because she can have the back fourty plowed, laundry done, tire changed on the pickup and still have lunch ready when you get up from your nap.

And the best;)
God come to you in the middle of the night an said She is a pregnant virgin and that He wants you to.. Of coarse that applies only if your name is joseph and her's is Mary.
Or simply because she is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Any combination of one or more of the reasons above.

Because you both passed 40 and are eachothers Backup plan.

Because there's 2 short hollow tubes pressed into your back.

Because it wasn't "just one drink" like you thought.

Because everyone else was doing it.

Because you got Triple-Dog-Dared to.

Because you love her/him. ...Naw.:D