Greed vs. Charity

Greed vs. Charity

Spirit of Greed and Avarice: Mammon is his name.
Drives his host unmercifully to play his greedy game.

With cupidity comes the burden of this wolf of hell
Sent to inflame your heart and take back what might you sell

To gamble or to ladder-climb, it’s really all the same
Let not the pursuit of only money, bring you to this shame

For the love of money is said to be the root of all evil
And one cannot serve both God and this devil.

It blocks one’s good sense of true charity.
So be not thrown into spiritual-austerity.

Don’t sell your soul and make yourself a slave.
It will cause you to lose all that which Heaven gave.

For all the modern comforts for which we toil in vain
Will break and rot and rust… our body and our brain

'Oh Lord, let me be neither rich nor desperately poor.
For riches turn their possessor into a proud conceited boar.

But as a beggar I might be tempted to thievery and fraud.
Therefore provide me just my daily bread, oh my Lord my God.’*
*Paraphrase of Proverbs 30

So as a token of thanks, make of your first fruits a donation.
By sharing with less fortunate, you share with Him your elation

But being charitable is much more than paying alms or even tax.
We are to share all the goodness of our hearts and head and hands and backs.

So repent, teach, and model righteousness for all, or what is even better
Share your faith, breaking loose both yours and your neighbor’s fetter.

Be active in your charity, but not for pride or show.
What you do quietly the Father will surely know.

And you will receive your heavenly treasure back again a million manifold.
It does your soul, not an ounce of good, to pocket that extra ounce of gold.

Do not store up things on earth where they may be lost to moth, or thief, or rust.
Deposit rather labors bounty, for heart will follow too, in vaults of Heaven’s Trust.

Remember, No one can serve two masters, That is to say both God and Greed.
For in giving your devotion to one you will neglect, yes lose the other, guaranteed.

But one of the two will enslave you, in the other you are freed.
So trust in Him, like the Seraphim, to give you what you need.