greetings everyone from Mike

greetings everyone from Mike

Hi, I am Mike -Hence the name MikeOfChrist. Now that I think
about it, if I were named Peter or something, then MikeOfChrist
would not have been much of a giveway then:(

But then I am Mike, even though You all know that, and am a Happy fish:fish:to be Here.

I use an NASB Bible because I like "litteral" Bibles, but prefer the Byzantine Text /Recieved Text the AV was translated from. I of course prefer it's longer Version of 1 Jn 5:7 -which I have written into My Bible,

But even though I like that text base, I do not prefer being forced to use the KJV -and some of it's renderings, prefering the "prose," of the NASB, and thus am thought of as a philistine:mad: on some sites I have tried because of that????????

If I have an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek/English source, which allows Me access to that Text Base -then Why I am forced to use the KJV only, I do not know:confused:??????????

So, I have said Hello, and am Happy to be here, and May God Bless You.

May Christ Richly Bless Those who Truly Love Him, Amen.:bible:
Welcome, Mike. Good to see another pariah (in some circles) who is fond of the NASB. :) I think you'll feel right at home here.


Hi Mike and welcome! Pull up a chair and sit a spell!:D
Thank You for Saying Hello evryone :D, I am glad to say Hello back :rolleyes:.

And Us Pariahs :confused: must hide from the Piranhas :(, yes ???? , yes :D !!!!!!

I am not a Catholic, or Greek Orthodox, or anything like that, but I just like this next Smily, because it's cute:
:liturgy: :liturgy: :liturgy: :liturgy:

Wow, even though it's cute, all that motion is making Me Dizzy and sleepy::sleeping:sleeping:sleeping

:funnypost: So Thank You again for the greetings, and God Bless.
:medieval: Mike. :shepherd:


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Hi, Mike!
Happy to have you on the forum!


And may God richly bless you!