Greetings From A Seeker

Hello CFS!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a "baby" Christian who came here looking for a community of other dedicated Christians. I personally have not been raised in the church and I am looking for a place where more experienced Christians can help me learn more about the amazing gift that is God.

Anyways, I would relish knowing anything you think would be important for a new Christian to learn, consider and any books (other than the OT and NT of course) which helped you on your journey. I would especially love to hear from the women here!!!

It's very nice to meet you all and I look forward to a really enlightening time here! - Cairn

Welcome on board.

I can't recommend any one book, there are 2000 years of Christian authorship. Is there one specific area that interests you?
Howdy, The best advice I can give you is too #1 Read your Bible, #2 Pray/ meditate on the Word #3 FELLOWSHIP in a Bible believing Church.

Nice to have you aboard...!
Thank you very much for your well wishes, Rust and DRS.

Rusty, I am looking for a "guide" on how to be the best Christian I can. Having lived as a non-Christian for the last 18 years of my life I am not sure how to start going about life in a way that would strengthen my relationship with God. Does that make any sense? Anyways, I am just looking for something to use in place of a more experienced mentor (until I perhaps find one) to help me along with the every day and the bigger picture.

Once again...hoping this makes sense!

Really the best thing you can do is get involved with a local Bible believing Church that has outreach ministries whether it be a youth/ bus ministry, hospital, nursing home, prison visitation, soul winning campaigns, etc... A bored, lonely, ineffective Christian loses interest fast-especially when you are newly reborn.

When scoping out Churches (I am partial to Baptist, grew up in a Presbyterian...), look at their 'Statement of Faith' (some churches have other names for it-but they will know what you mean-OR SHOULD!) .

The #1 thing you should look for is their stance on Salvation-if it does not line up with scripture-then you probably want to move on. A lot of "churches' believe in 'works' centered salvation: this is not Biblical.
Hey little buddy looking for that mustard seed of faith, who ever you are or not at this moment, I am open to anything you want to throw at me.