Guidelines for Modest Dress?

Guidelines for Modest Dress?


How do you define modest dress? I have heard many people talking about modesty lately and now I want to make sure I don't look immodest but I'm not sure what exactly modest is. Like, how long should my skirt be? What clothes can't I wear? Can I wear jeans? Any advice is really appreciated.

Thank you


If your heart is in the right place with God, and it is, then follow your your heart.
You know inside yourself what your motives are when you wear what you wear and how you feel in a particular outfit.

Focus more on your relationship with God and what you learn for yourself will be your best guide.
Love, Violet
If you're a girl, no matter what some guys are going to think things they shouldn't about you. But the more skin you show, the more guys will leer at you. Plain and simple.