Had A Great Experience At The Lutheran Church This Past Sunday

It had been a long five years trying to find a church home, going in and out of churches searching for the right one for me and my family. This past Sunday I attended a Lutheran service and it was wonderful. This is a NALC affiliated church.

The sermon was sound, the worshipping with one voice was like heaven on earth. It was is if I could hear the angels singing right along with us. The people were nice and almost all introduced themselves to my mother-in-law and I. I had a great time at the Bible study before the service. We are studying a book called "The Knowledge Of The Holy" by A.W. Tozer.

The whole thing was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

I will be going out to lunch (whole family is invited) with the pastor to discuss Lutheranism as a whole.

I am praying that my wife also wants to follow me and become Lutheran as well if I decide to become one. My heart's desire is that we worship together in the same church and the whole family calls this our church home.