Haiku for All

Lets start an ongoing haiku thread. It will be fun and easy.
We can take the last line from the poster above us, and use it for our Haiku.
Then another poster can take that last line, as we keep in going.
A haiku is in the format of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables again,

here is a few examples:

I do like this site (5 syllables)
I find it to be friendly (7syllables)
so I will post more (5 syllables again)

following the one above, using the last line...

so I will post more
cause I love writing haiku's
it is fun to me


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Oh well guess this was an epic fail...

Hello thenami;

Please don't be discouraged. I just got my church work done for tomorrow's worship and needed to take a much needed break, so I checked in right now with Christian Forum Site.

Haiku for All caught my attention and am a little slow trying to figure this for the first time in my life. lol! Here goes;

I need a small break
To seek and re fresh thy soul
Doing Haik u with thee

Pretty good, eh? How did I do? ☕
You truly are a great blessing to me Bob. Your family is very fortunate, and blessed to have you :)
It is actually VERY good! The simple things in life bring me the greatest rewards, like the posting of a haiku.
Saying a prayer for you and yours, and everyone on this site.

doing haiku with thee
fills my heart with happiness
on this fine morning