Hallo from sunny South Africa

Hallo from sunny South Africa

From a sunny South Africa warm greetings in the lovely Name above all names, Jesus! I was looking around for a forum where I could not only share what the Lord Jesus has done for me, but where I could tap into fellow Christian believers life's and testimonies. My English is not so good, but I am sure you guys will understand my motley way of communication. There is so much more to our relationship with our Heavenly Father than just going to church, not that going to church is not important,no - forsake not the gathering of the saints together - but I feel we can so easily be caught up in going to meetings and church activities, that we totally forget what the Lord has really called us for - to go out and tell!! Well to me, this forum will be one way of going out to tell!! Many blessings to all of you on this forum.

Yours in His service
Albert Ward:groupray:
Welcome to the forums Albert, its great to have you aboard. Lots of great people to talk to and share experiences and stories with..

Looking forward to hearing more from you :)

Your friend

welcome to the site!
Hi Albert and to the site. I was your next door neighbour in Zim
(now living in NZ).

dont fret about your English its a whole lot better than the way some speak it here in NZ. The Lord richly bless you as you reach out to those without Christ.
HeisallIneed, Thank you for making me feel at home here on the forum and that go to all of you! I can understand why you are in NZ. It is so sad if you have to exchange your home country for a foreign one. I don't know under what circumstances you had to leave, but this I know Zimbabwe is a country that needs a lot of prayer and support and what is happening there is having a direct affect on SA as well. Zimbabwe really lies close to my heart although I haven't been there yet. One cannot ignore the situation! My prayer is that the Lord will intervene in a miraculous way and that the people of Zimbabwe will turn to the Lord. O it reminds you so much of what happened to Jerusalem and how the Jews where taken out of their home country to a foreign country.
May the Lord grant us the willingness to stay close to Him at all times! O and remember that we as God's children is only ambassadors here on earth, our citizenship is in heavenly places. Blessings to you.
Yours in His service