Yes , unfortunately we all have it . But it is what we do to prevent that hardness to take over our emotions .

Upon Studying the Israelites .... they were not different that us today . Many are following others instead of Jesus .

Jesus said, "Moses wrote that command for you because you
refused to accept God's teaching."

-- Mark 10:5 (ERV)

What Moses did in allowing the children of Israel a legal means of
divorce was done only as a
concession. It was not God's original plan. It was not what was best
for the people involved. It was allowed only because of the hard hearts
of the people who wouldn't honor their vows to each other and to God.
In a world where people continue to break their vows, refuse to be
faithful to each other, and wound their children, the focus shouldn't
become the legality of the concession, but should become a focus on
prevention of divorce through healthy and loving marriages and
restoration of those broken by divorce.