Have you ever?

No. Because random questions are chosen without method or conscious decision. (that's the meaning of the word "random") ;) But, this is the "Have You Ever" game. Questions must begin with Have You Ever (or HYE for short), and be a have you ever question, which is a method and not "random" at all. ;)

Are you getting the gist now Spanky? :D
Jan 15, 2008
I've traveled to other countries and I've got a few more states me and my grandmother and mom need to jump in a visit.

Have you ever had food explode in the microwave?
Yes - an egg when microwaves were brand new and only rich folks had them. Makes me feel old.:eek:

HYE amazed yourself by discovering a hidden talent?
Yes. Unfortunately, my hidden talents aren't really marketable. :D (I can look at a color and match it exactly. Which came in handy at the art store where I worked. (you would never believe how many people simply can not do this) And I can tell what someone is really feeling just by studying their facial expressions and general demeanor. Yah...a real money maker that talent is, right? )

HYE jay walked across a main street?
Mar 31, 2008
Louisburg, NC
Nope. That talent was all my younger brother's.

Did you ever eat too much of a good thing and end up so sick that you couldn't stand even the smell of it anymore? It happened to me with cantaloupe.


When I was a kid I ate a whole bag of vanilla wafers, I couldn't stand the sight of them for the next twenty years!

Who was your favorite teacher and how did they impact your life?


As faded as the memories are I think I'd say Mr. Zanting. (sp?) My 5th + 6th grade music teacher. Great Christian man who I believe help bring me to the Lord. Gave me a book I think was called "One Minute Bible". These memories are very faded, but I'm sure I owe him some thanks for where I am now. I know he must have triggered some praying and learning from that book.

Also, my English teacher now, Ms. Dudek. She's so incredibly spirited, I'm just in awe of her character and enthusiasm. I thought she was a Christian for a while. She without knowing it, is an example to me of how to express yourself and be a free spirit.

Have you ever jumped off of the roof of your house?
Dec 3, 2007
Oh yeah. I was doing my rotations with an ambulance crew for my paramedic. We were at a nursing home to pick up a resident. One of the paramedics dropped something on the floor and I squatted down to pick it up....riiiiiipppp! I split my pants up the seam right up the back! eeeep!

Have you ever rapelled off a bridge?