Have you found Jesus?

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I have a question

Have you found Jesus?

Have you found Jesus Christ? If so what do you mean when you say you have found Jesus Christ?

I will say this upfront. I am not a religious person...but that doesnt mean i dont have questions ;-P

So i am wondering exactly what people mean when they say "I found Jesus in my life."?

Thanks a bunch! :)
Have you found Jesus?

My first responce usualy is "I didn't know he was lost":D
Seriously, It is a common Christian-eze cliche. Generaly it is a manner of asking if one has a personal reltionship with Jesus and or feels His presence or influernce in their life.

In many cases, it's more accurate to say, "Jesus found me." I have read numerous testimonies of people who weren't looking for Jesus, but suddenly, there He was! It's a lot like a blind man who is cured of his blindness. All the colors and shapes and textures and perspectives and motion were always there, he just hadn't been able to see them before.

Cliff and Tracy are right, though, it basically means that a person has acknowledged Jesus, learned Who He is, and live their lives in relationship with Him.


Hear, and pray for a heart that is open, ears to hear and eyes that see

youtube.com/watch?v=EMVej6QXwhk The Gospel of John, (Good News Bible paraphrase)

Watch the actors, but listen to the Words the actors are speaking, pray the Lord Jesus is revealed to you. May God bless you
When you are living in sin, although you may or may not believe in GOD, you do not have a relationship with HIM.
When you confess your sins, are forgiven of them, and saved by the blood of JESUS CHRIST, you then discover, you have found GOD! You are different, and have a relationship with the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT:)
Well to your question, have you found Jesus, I can tell you that JESUS has NEVER been LOST, it is us who have been lost.
Now you want to know how do we find Jesus?
It is so very easy, all that anyone has to do is to ask Him to come into your life, and tell Him that you are a sinner as we all are sinners from birth.
Repent of your sins, and tell Him that you need Him to change your life, He is waiting just for you to ask Him, I asked Jesus to come into my life when I was only 9 years old and have never looked back since that time, I am now 75. He has given me a new way of living, away from the worldly ways, He has also given to me by His promise Eternal Life and I will be with Him for ever and ever.
Just tell Jesus that you are sorry for the way that you have been living and you want to change your ways and that you need Him in your every day life.

Acts.3 : 19. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out,............

God loves you

As most have said, I think it is more that Christ approached us, though I cannot say that we haven't made the choice to approach the Lord.

God has given us all the choice; some people choose other people don't. The great thing is God doesn't pick and choose who he wants to be with Him in Eternity, and He is always willing to accept you.

I remember the night I first got down on my knees and asked the Lord to forgive me.

I had already started opening my heart and mind to God because my grandmother was teaching me. And I needed the spiritual and mental support.

It was such a wonderful experience. I won't ever forget that. I can remember now, waking up, feeling the urge to pray, and afterwords looking up at the stars and seeing Mars glowing down at me. Then falling asleep and having the most amazing dream ever.