He Took The Stripes For Me!

Praise the God of the Living, the God of Love, The God of Life, The God of Light;

Praise Him that willfully humiliated Himself;

Praise Him that took the condemnation in innocence;

Praise Him that withstood the mocking, torture & pain;

Praise Him that gave up His life so that I may have it;

Praise Him that took my place on the cross;

Praise Him, my Substitute, the Redeemer of my sins;

All hail the God of All;

All hail the Son Jesus Christ;

All hail the Spirit of Truth;

Glory to God, my Father, my Savior;

HOLY!, HOLY!, HOLY! is the Lord God All Mighty!

Heavenly Father, thank you for you Mercy, and your Grace.

Thank you Lord, for taking the stripes for me!